To our customers, and everyone beyond
Aiming to provide new value through IT solutions

Since our establishment in 1972, ITFOR Inc has been providing IT solutions for a variety of industries, including network infrastructure construction, mainly for regional customers such as regional financial institutions, regional governments, and regional department stores.

In particular, we developed the "delinquent loan management system (auto call system)" for the first time in Japan in 1983, with over 70% of regional banks in Japan using our system, we have gained an overwhelming market share in the field of debt collection systems for financial institutions.

Today, we are working on new solutions in response to changes in social and living environments. These include the construction of a "cashless platform" to realize the rapidly growing need for non-face-to-face and non-contact services, a "security platform" to counter cyber-attacks using AI, and a "digital platform" to realize trust services using blockchain. We will contribute to regional DX and further regional development so that we can revitalize the economy by supporting the lives of regional communities and people.

ITFOR will continue to support the creation of a society that brings excitement and smiles to people by providing new value through innovation, in addition to our accumulated technology and know-how we have accumulated over the years, in order to meet the needs of not only our BtoB customers but also the people of society beyond them (individual customers).

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