Privacy Policy

Enacted: September 02, 2005
Revised: April 01, 2019
President and Representative Director: Tsunenori Sato

Objectives of the Privacy Policy

Protecting personal information is an important theme for ITFOR Inc. as we carry out our main business affairs, which include solution systems, network systems and customer services. Personal information is also an important asset for both customers and the company entrusted with handling it, and making sure that it is securely protected is a vital part of our work.
Consequently, ITFOR Inc. has introduced initiatives for protecting personal information throughout the company and we have set up a privacy protection management system conforming to JIS Q 15001 to ensure that we are able to provide our customers with peace of mind while at the same time meeting our social responsibilities.

Acquiring, Using and Supplying Personal Information

All details pertaining to the objectives for using personal information are clearly laid out and disclosed to customers when said information is acquired, and the information we obtain is only used within the parameters laid down for achieving these objectives. We also provide thorough training for all employees, etc., to ensure that the information acquired is only used within the parameters laid down for achieving our objectives as advised to customers at the point of acquisition.

Strict Conformation with Laws and Regulations

ITFOR Inc. strictly conforms with all laws pertaining to personal information, all policies stipulated by the government, and all other regulations. These laws, policies and regulations also apply to our system for managing personal information within the company at all times.

Secure Management Measures for Personal Information

In addition to implementing all necessary security measures for accurately and securely managing personal information, ITFOR Inc. has also adopted initiatives for preventing the leak, loss, damage and modification of personal information.

Constant Improvement of the Personal Information Protection Management System

ITFOR Inc. utilizes internal audits and management reviews to ensure that the personal information protection management system is constantly being improved to guarantee that it is always maintained in an optimal condition.

Contact Liaison for Complaints and Consultations

ITFOR Inc. has established a contact liaison that can be contacted in the event of complaints or consultations, etc., pertaining to the handling of personal information arising, and to respond to them swiftly and appropriately.

  1. ITFOR Inc. General Affairs Department
  2. Address: Ichibancho Tokyu Bldg. 21 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082
  3. Tel: 03-5275-7841
  4. E-mail:

Access the page listed below for details on the procedures for requesting the objectives for using personal information, requesting the disclosure of personal information, and other details on the handling of personal information.

Handling of Personal Information

Personal Information Protection Manager

  • ITFOR Inc. Management Division, Business Management Department Manager: Akira Miyazaki
  • Address: Ichibancho Tokyu Bldg. 21 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0082
  • Tel: 03-5275-7841
  • E-mail: