Strengthening the Management Foundation


A strong management foundation is indispensable for continually improving the value of the company amid the current ever-changing business environment. To achieve this, we have adopted prioritized topics that aim at strengthening our systems of risk management, including information security, compliance, and the corporate governance that support these systems.

Strengthening the Management Foundation / Strengthening Compliance Management

The ITFOR Group strictly complies with all laws and internal regulations to ensure sensible actions that make sure we become a company that is trusted by society.

Detailed Initiatives

Establishment of a Compliance Consultation and Reporting Liaison Office

We have set up an e-mail address and dedicated telephone line that employees can contact for consultations if they witness any activities during their daily work that they suspect to be in violation of compliance policies, or any other problematic activities. We have also established a liaison office using services provided from outside the company under the assumption that there will be employees who would not be comfortable consulting with people within the company.

Compliance and Risk Management Committee

Our Emergency Response Division has been integrated with our President and Representative Director as the division director to handle all risk management policies with regard to matters concerning ITFOR and subsidiary companies. This division immediately suggests methods for improvement and investigates risk taking when any issues concerning compliance arise, and committee meetings are also held on a regular basis.

Strengthening the Management Foundation / Strengthening Risk Management

We will strengthen our system of risk management by publicizing our information security system and policies, our system and policies for maintaining the improvement of quality, our BCP, and our system and status of internal control.

Detailed Initiatives

Establishment of a Compliance and Risk Management Committee and Substructure Committees

Our Compliance and Risk Management Committee analyzes the risks inherent with information security, the environment, occupational health, product safety and quality, etc., and establishes initiatives for reducing these risks based on our risk management rules and regulations. We have also established permanent substructure committees consisting of the Security Promotion Committee, the Quality Control Committee, and the Committee for Ensuring Office Efficiency and Environmental Improvements, and committee meetings are held on a regular basis. The committee members analyze the risks inherent with business affairs and administration from the perspective of their fields of specialty to ensure that risk management penetrates throughout the company.

Strengthening the Management Foundation / Strengthening Corporate Governance

The ITFOR Group is fully aware of the importance of ensuring substantial corporate governance and guaranteeing its effectiveness in alignment with strengthening our management foundation. In addition to establishing a Nominating and Remuneration Committee in 2021 to ensure that all procedures relating to nominating executive board members and deciding upon the remunerations they should receive are carried out fairly, transparently and objectively, we also set up a system of three external board members, including women, as we move forward in strengthening our corporate governance.

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Strengthening our Internal Infrastructure


Promoting the adoption of DX (Digital Transformation) within the company is not only enabling us to strengthen our management foundation, it is also helping us aim at strengthening our human assets. Also, strengthening the ITFOR infrastructure helps us provide services to our customers. This is allowing us to aim at becoming a company that is trusted by all of our stakeholders.

Strengthening our Internal Infrastructure / Promotion of DX Within the Company

The adoption of this system enables us to improve the inconveniences and lack of efficiency within the company, which is allowing us realize improved productivity and cost-cutting. This is resulting in us creating environments in which it is possible for all employees to work efficiently so that we are able to dedicate our activities to the provision of services to our stakeholders.

Detailed Initiatives

Internal CRM (Customer Relations Management) System Reform

The adoption of Salesforce has enabled us to centrally manage customer information and sales information, etc., which used to be managed only by the sales department. Strengthening the PDCA cycle within our sales activities and integrating rules and value lists has helped us to strengthen compliance in the creation of quotations. It has also enabled management indices to be monitored and analyzed when necessary throughout the entire company.

Creating and Promoting a Telework Environment

In addition to enabling remote work with BYOD (bring your own device), we are also providing certain technicians with terminals. We have also distributed smartphones to all employees so that they can work wherever they like. This enables us to continue work without shutting down the company during emergencies. We have enacted a set of employment rules relating to telework to promote the continuation of telework for our employees.

Strengthening our Internal Infrastructure / Strengthening Security

In addition to establishing a security system and policies to ensure the protection of personal information, etc., we have also implemented measures to fight against cyberattacks, etc., to obtain the trust of our stakeholders.

Detailed Initiatives

Strengthening Measures for Internal Security

ITFOR is providing customers with the CyCraft AIR service to prevent cyberattacks, which are becoming more and more advanced in recent years, and we have also adopted this service throughout the company to guarantee our own cybersecurity. Although we have never actually discovered any particular leaks, etc., the result of this will enable us to monitor the successes our security measures are achieving on a regular basis in the future, and we intend to continue strengthening our security from now on, and introducing examples of its use to our customers.