IT makes our lives richer. In addition to implementing initiatives to improve productivity for organizations and companies with the use of new types of IT that will provide even greater levels of growth, the ITFOR Group also supports the creation of environments in which it is worth working by providing workers with jobs that suit them.

Creating and Providing Social Infrastructures Utilizing New Technologies

By combining our services with new technologies from evolving companies without limiting ourselves only to the technologies that we are currently providing, ITFOR creates and provides social infrastructures to regional companies and other organizations.

Detailed Initiatives

Blockchain Verification Experiment Initiatives

ITFOR, together with the Kyushu Institute of Technology and Chaintope Inc., is carrying out joint verification experiments into the electronic issuance of university course completion certificates with the use of blockchain technology. Based on the results of this, we are scheduled to move ahead with establishing links with private corporations in order to laterally expand trustworthy services to regional universities throughout the country, and to use utilize this technology for issuing various types of certificates. We will also provide digital platforms designed to encourage DX (Digital Transformation) in regional areas by developing and expanding electronic services for issuing certified copies of resident registers and other certificates in order to improve resident services for local governments with the use of the trustworthy services we develop.

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Automation of Cybersecurity Measures Using AI

ITFOR has started selling the CyCraft AIR anti-cyberattack service that utilizes AI (Artificial Intelligence) to fight against the cyberattacks that have been on the increase in recent years. This drastically reduces the costs and time generally required up until now to investigate and analyze enormous amounts of terminal logs, etc., and reduces the amount of time required for recovery by issuing analyses reports within three hours, and methods for responding to problems are also provided in report formats to enable companies to deal with cyber issues in-house. This service is provided mainly to regional financial institutions, local governments and the operators of EC sites, etc., and it supports the reinforcement of security.

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Promoting Decent Work Through DX

Reforming society and companies into their ideal configurations with the use of digital technology enhances working conditions for the people working there, and supports the establishment of humane and worthwhile jobs.

Detailed Initiatives

Automation of Call Center Work Duties

ITFOR provides financial institutions with the Robotic Call automatic call service and the NYUS payment pledge service for the work involved in encouraging people with late payments to pay up. Robotic Call is an automatic call system that uses IVR (interactive voice response) technology to call customers and encourage them to pledge payment, and NYUS is a system using SMS technology. This has enabled the work carried out by call centers to be automated for customers. It reduces the workload involved in personal responses and contributes to the improvement of call center tasks, and in addition to this, it also allows workers to dedicate themselves to improving customer services incorporating higher levels of work.

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