Amid an increase in urban centralization, we are aiming at revitalizing regional economies by correcting disparities between urban areas and rural areas. Utilizing open innovation, which includes ITFOR Group solutions, enables us to support industrial growth, while at the same time adopt initiatives aimed at educational inequality and job creation, etc., together with the people in the community.

Regional Revitalization Through Open Innovation

We are actively forging ahead with adopting not only our in-house technologies, but also new technologies developed by Group companies and other companies to support corporate business reforms by providing them to our customers. This will eventually result in the revitalization of regional areas.

Detailed Initiatives

Regional Revitalization Through the Expanded Sale of Packaged Products

Our financial institution solutions, on which ITFOR places the emphasis, support the improvement of customer convenience through a combination of the SCOPE individual loan business support system that exploits the know-how we have accumulated up until now by providing regional financial institution customers with services, and AI-OCR and electronic contracts, etc., developed by other companies. This enables all local residents to receive the same financial services as urban areas on an equal basis, and allows us to contribute to regional revitalization.

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Supporting the Provision of Fair Educational Opportunities

The CARS school affairs support system solution for boards of education provided by ITFOR systemizes and improves efficiency for the tasks that are usually carried out in school environments to enable teachers to dedicate themselves to actual education. Also, because the system is packaged, it provides common school affairs support to ensure that all children are able to receive fair education that does not rely on the region or the school concerned.

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Providing Solutions for Regional Employment Revitalization

Increasing job opportunities among local residents in regions facing population onuses due to the aging of society helps revitalize employment, which results in the revitalization of local economies.

Detailed Initiatives

Creating Regional Employment Through BPO Centered Around Local Branches

ITFOR is expanding its BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services aimed at local governments. Local governments' outsourcing of the tasks involved in the collection of taxes and National Health Insurance payments, etc., to ITFOR and other Group companies enables civil servants to dedicate themselves to their main work, and helps improve services for local residents. The staff members to whom the work is entrusted are locally employed. Providing them with full training for the work they do creates an environment in which even beginners are able to work with peace of mind.

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