We are promoting human resource activities and providing training to ensure that diverse senses of value and backgrounds are respected and to get the maximum potential out of each and every employee, and aiming at creating working environments and systems in which it is worth working.

Respecting Human Rights

We believe that it is the responsibility of companies to place the emphasis on respecting human rights to ensure that everybody retains the right to freedom and happiness, and in addition to adopting initiatives within the company to guarantee this, we are also continuing to perform our business activities while respecting the human rights of not only our customers, but also all members of society.

Promoting Activities and Training for Diverse Human Resource

We believe that ensuring growth in each and every one of our employees will result in growth for the company, and we therefore provide support and training for ability development and career development for our employees, while reforming our personnel system.

Detailed Initiatives

Creating a New Personnel System

We inaugurated a project team to drastically revise our personnel system in September 2021. We arranged for consultants to carry out employee interviews and career potential evaluations in order to analyze, identify problems and establish environments within our current personnel system, training system and operational status. We intend to debate with the project team based on the results of this in the future.

Providing Working Environments in which it is Worth Working

We are reforming work practices and improving our engagement with employees by flexibly responding to the need for diverse working styles amid the everchanging social environment. We intend to reform the culture within the company so that ITFOR can grow together with its employees.

Detailed Initiatives

Promoting Telework

We enacted a permanent system of teleworking in September 2021 to nurture diverse working styles, working environments in which it is easy to work, and our corporate culture, and to ensure that we can continue operations during natural disasters and other emergencies. In addition to newly establishing a system of teleworking allowances and promoting activities within the system, we adopted initiatives for strengthening the internal infrastructure by providing employees with terminals, etc., which is enabling us to create a working environment in which telework can be easily incorporated.

Promoting the Enactment of Measures to Improve the Rates of Taking Paid Leave

We have adopted unique measures for allowing employees to refresh themselves both mentally and physically by actively taking paid leave, which will enhance motivation and improve work efficiency, and help promote working styles that take work-life balances into account. For example, we encourage the meaningful use of paid leave, such as by providing financial incentives for employees to take paid leave in their birth month.

Implementation of a Survey into Employee Engagement

We carried out an organizational assessment survey in August 2021. This clarified the viewpoints of our employees by scoring them on their expectations and satisfaction levels of the company and its organization so that we can create optimal working environments and create an optimal personnel system, and this has resulted in us enhancing our engagement with employees while implementing additional surveys on a regular basis and reflecting the results back onto the PDCA cycle.

Continual Promotion of Occupational Health and Safety, and Health Management

In addition to ensuring the safety of employees and promoting occupational health and safety within an environment in which the diversification of employment styles is advancing, we are also increasing health and welfare to ensure that employees are able to maintain their health and striving to create environments in which it is easy to work for all employees.

Detailed Initiatives

ITFOR Hotline

We have established hotlines both within and outside of the company that employees can contact for consultations if they have any concerns about their workplace, such as when problems related to power harassment, sexual harassment and compliance, etc., arise or are experienced, and when employees are worried over human relationships or having difficulty working within the workplace.

Mental Health Care for Employees

We carry out an annual stress check with the aim of raising employee awareness of any stress they may be under, and provide support and improve the working environment as a preventive measure against mental health issues. We also provide consultations with industrial doctors when needed, and have set up an ITFOR hotline.