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Main Activities

As a leader in the field of providing support for the implementation of optimal information technology, ITFOR applies the most advanced solutions based on Network integration, Financial- solution Systems, CTI Systems, Retail Systems, e-Commerce Systems.
We develop total solutions, from consulting to system configuration, customer specific solution development, operation, and management for network security.


December 2, 1972

Paid-Up Capital

1,124 million yen

Annual Sales

15,239 million yen (2019/4 - 2020/3 Group total)

Board of Directors

President and CEO

Tsunenori Sato

Executive Director and Representative Director

Koji Sakata


Kiyoshi Higashikawa

Toshiaki Kodama

Directors, Corporate Officers

Hirotaka Oeda

Katsuo Nakayama

Director, Auditor

Koichi Hara

Outside directors, Auditors

Makoto Sato

Daisuke Koizumi

Corporate Officer

Kenji Kobayashi

Tenpei Ogawa

Go Yoshimura

Mikiya Horochi

Satoshi Yumoto

Group Companies

AISEL Corporation.

- Software developments, Ltd.

- Agency business of company research, credit research

EeB Corporation.

- Software developments


- Marketing planning with brand consulting

ICR.,Co Ltd.

- Agency business of insurance premium
collection for local government

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